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After surgery for a cleft lip, 13-year-old Antonio was finally permitted to attend school in Mexico. His success and the almost instantaneous changes in his life gave our founder, Dr. Donald Laub, the inspiration to help others through reconstructive plastic surgery.
ReSurge at a Glance

ReSurge International (formerly Interplast) provides free reconstructive surgery for the poor in 13 developing countries. It renews the health of 3,000 people each year—so they can go to school, provide for their families, and be productive members of society. It empowers local doctors to increase year-round access to medical care in underserved areas and provides comprehensive reconstructive surgery and follow-up care. By doing so, ReSurge impacts the world by reducing suffering and poverty, giving more patients a second chance for a normal, productive life.

More About Us

The first organization of its kind, ReSurge has renewed the health and dreams of children and adults with deformities and injuries since 1969.

We’re one of the only organizations whose focus is the full scope of reconstructive surgery and empowering local surgeons with training and support, so we can provide comprehensive care year-round. We have the expertise and experience to treat almost every possible scenario that’s repairable through reconstructive plastic surgery—from clefts and deformed hands to disabling burns and other injuries.

We’re now combining this comprehensive approach to surgical care with an increased commitment to an integrated continuum of care. For example, in Nepal, Nicaragua and in a growing number of countries, we’re putting greater priority on physical therapy following hand and burn surgeries and speech therapy following cleft surgery.

We’re also building surgical capacity on a sustainable basis, training and supporting local doctors to meet the needs of their own communities for generations to come. In fact, surgeons from the developing world, empowered by us, now perform more than 80 percent of our surgeries year-round. This empowerment model allows us to transform exponentially more lives, in the most cost-effective way of delivering life-changing reconstructive surgeries. Volunteer team trips and visiting educator workshops also have a critical role in teaching, evaluating new sites and providing surgeries in locations where the caseload is overwhelming.

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About ReSurge
ReSurge envisions a world in which no human being suffers physically or emotionally from a repairable congenital deformity or injury. Learn more about us in this short video.