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Surgery: 2 Billion In Need
2 billion people worldwide lack access to basic surgical care. Learn more about the need for surgical care and the work we do in this short video.
ReSurge Global Training Program

To expand access to sustainable reconstructive surgical care in developing countries, ReSurge has developed the ReSurge Global Training Program (RGTP), a multi-year program to train the next generation of humanitarian surgical teams.

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In collaboration with our international partner surgeons and established plastic surgery training programs in the developing world, the aim of RGTP is to train plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the surgical skills they need to treat their local populations.

Dr. James Chang, ReSurge's consulting medical officer and Stanford's chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery, is leading the RGTP and has established a world-class faculty of leading experts from around the globe to contribute to the program.

Through the program, ReSurge along with academic surgeons, medical volunteers and our seasoned humanitarian surgical partners will:

Adapt and strengthen reconstructive surgery curricula and systematize medical education programs so they are relevant in developing countries.
Evaluate and assess local surgeons using globally standardized surgical classification methods to determine their initial skill level.
Identify specific gaps in training and create customized curriculum components based on local epidemiological needs and capacity of the health care workforce.
Deploy medical educators to conduct the training needed to advance specific skills.
Re-assess local surgeons after each round of training and upgrade their surgical classification when appropriate.
Leverage similar measurable, progressive training modules for other medical disciplines (anesthesiology, nursing, pediatrics, occupational and physical therapy, and other related disciplines) needed for safe surgical teams.

Learn more about the four components of the RGTP below.

The Visiting Educator program is an essential component of ReSurge's commitment to creating sustainability in the delivery of reconstructive surgical care to the world's poor. Hundreds of local medical personnel each year receive advanced skills training. > more
ReSurge integrates with established, local surgical training programs in the developing world in order to supplement the training they offer in critical reconstructive surgical skills. > more
ReSurge has established an esteemed faculty of leading experts from around the world to create customized curriculum components and to develop an evaluation framework to assess and classify trainees throughout their surgical training. > more
We are helping to create networks of humanitarian reconstructive surgeons and their teams to improve the quality of care for those in need across the globe and to increase access to high-quality training for medical personnel in the developing world. > more
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In 2014, Dr. Georgy Gregory and Dr. Dean Andropoulos co-authored a free e-book to provide information for anesthetists in developing countries who must anesthetize children but have limited access to pediatric anesthesia textbooks.