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Surgical Outreach Programs

In 1999, one of ReSurge International’s trusted partners, Dr. Shankar Man Rai in Nepal, began providing medical services year-round with ReSurge’s support—and the first Surgical Outreach Program was born. Soon thereafter, our center in Zambia opened, led by the country’s only plastic surgeon, Dr. Goran Jovic.

Today, ReSurge maintains 10 permanent outreach programs in eight countries. By partnering with local doctors, ReSurge has doubled the number of surgeries it performs while significantly reducing operating costs. The programs empower our local colleagues and deliver reconstructive surgical care in medically underserved areas—where it’s needed most.

In Bangladesh, Ecuador, Ghana, India (2), Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru (2) and Zambia, patients can receive year-round care for disabling burns and clefts from our growing cadre of international partners. Under the direction of our consulting medical officer, ReSurge uses the latest in technological advances to conduct quality reviews and specialized ongoing training for the programs’ teams of medical professionals. The model has proven to be remarkably efficient and cost-effective. In fact, our colleagues in the developing world now perform more than 80 percent of all ReSurge surgeries.

Forming partnerships with international medical professionals has created a comprehensive model of care that is renewing the health and dreams of 3,000 children and adults with deformities and injuries each year. ReSurge is impacting the world by reducing suffering and poverty, and giving patients a second chance for normal, productive lives.

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