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Surgical Care

ReSurge International provides reconstructive surgical care for poor children and adults who lack access in 15 countries, renewing the health of 3,000 people each year—so they can go to school, provide for their families, and be productive members of society.

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Through our Surgical Outreach Programs, ReSurge partners with local medical personnel to provide year-round access to high-quality reconstructive surgical care where none previously existed. By partnering with local doctors, ReSurge has doubled the number of surgeries it performs each year while significantly reducing operating costs.

Through our Surgical Team Trips, ReSurge's original model of delivering care, medical volunteers travel to the countries where we work and dedicate their time to help children and adults receive the surgical treatment they need to live independent, productive lives.

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We maintain 10 permanent Surgical Outreach Programs in eight countries and provide the support that promotes sustainability and self-sufficiency. It’s an empowerment model that demonstrates proven results. > more
Volunteer surgical team trips also play a critical role in teaching, evaluating new sites and providing surgeries in locations where the caseload is overwhelming. > more
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ReSurge International is a highly efficient nonprofit, with 79 percent of our budget going directly to medical programs that change lives.