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Since 1969, ReSurge International (formerly Interplast) has built surgical capacity and provided more than 110,000 surgeries in developing countries around the world.

We restore function and improve lives by providing the full scope of reconstructive surgical care for children and adults in underserved areas of the world.

We also build surgical skills in low-resource settings through the ReSurge Global Training Program—deploying training and education programs, developing comprehensive curriculum in the reconstructive surgical skills needed to treat local populations, and developing the next generation of humanitarian reconstructive surgeons through global networks.

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Through the provision of high-quality surgical care and the ReSurge Global Training Program, ReSurge is renewing health and hope for children and adults around the world with clefts, disabling burns, hand traumas and other deformities and injuries—delivering essential, quality surgical care to those who need it most.

Learn more about each component of our programs at the pages below.

ReSurge International provides high-quality surgical care for those who need it most through our Surgical Outreach Programs, which now deliver more than 85 percent of our surgeries, and our Surgical Team Trips. > more
To expand sustainable access to reconstructive surgical care in developing countries, the ReSurge Global Training Program (RGTP) aims to strengthen surgical training programs in low-resource settings and to create the next generation of humanitarian surgical teams. > more
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Surgery: 2 Billion In Need
2 billion people worldwide lack access to basic surgical care. Learn more about the need for surgical care and the work we do in this short video.