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Tonmoy, a 13-year-old boy from Dhaka, was unable to raise his arms because of burns he received as a small boy. A few years ago, ReSurge surgeons restored his functionality. Now, he is back to living the life of "a normal boy," as he puts it. When we saw him in May, he wanted to thank the doctors who helped him.
Stories of Hope

At ReSurge International, we hear stories of renewed dreams and restored hope every day. We hear about how courageous our patients are, the sacrifices of our international partners and medical volunteers, as well as how our work truly makes a difference.

What follows are some stories of ReSurge's lasting impact on our patients, partners and friends. If you have a story, we would love to add it to our collection. They bring smiles to our faces, and we hope to yours too.

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Punkaj was burned when he was 10 years old, after the gas stove he was using to heat up tea exploded. He received severe burns on his chest, neck and arms. As a result, he was unable to lift his arms or turn his head. But over the years, ReSurge surgeons have released those contractures so he can attend school. > more
Huynh was born in a small Vietnam village with congenital hairy nevus, a type of large mole with coarse hair. Abandoned by her father and teased by other children, Huynh now has the chance to escape stigma and risk of skin cancer through the work of our volunteers. > more
Rinchin hasn't had full use of his arm since he was 5 years old, when hot cooking oil spilled on him. Without appropriate treatment, a burn scar contracture developed, leaving him unable to raise his arm. But he and his father traveled to Kathmandu to receive free surgery at our Surgical Outreach Program. > more
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