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Four-year-old Nguyen was born with three of his fingers fused on each hand, a congenital birth defect that—left uncorrected—would have hindered his schooling as well as his ability to make a living when he's grown.
Hand and Other Conditions

In the developing world, the ability to use one’s hands is crucial—the vast majority of the poor use their hands on farms, in mines and in factories. Injuries and deformities to the hands severely limit an individual’s ability to contribute to society. Disabling burns, accidents and congenital anomalies often maim hands horribly in countries where employee safety provisions are lax and open fires are the primary method of cooking and heating.

Over the past four decades, ReSurge has performed thousands of reconstructive surgeries to restore hand function. More than half of ReSurge's burn patients seek care for hand injuries. Nearly 500 children and adults have their hand function restored and their lives transformed each year. It is among the most important surgical procedures that can be offered in the developing world, as it renews one’s ability to provide for one’s self and family.

ReSurge also treats patients who need other types of reconstructive surgery–for other malformations like ptosis which can lead to blindness, and other injuries, which are often work-related due to poor conditions in factories in developing countries.

ReSurge provides the full scope of comprehensive reconstructive plastic surgical care. We do this to restore function and renew hope, helping as many patients as we can have brighter futures.

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