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Safety and Quality Assurance

To ensure that our patients receive the safest and highest quality medical care—even in the compromised conditions developing countries often face—ReSurge International has developed rigorous quality assurance policies and protocols.

Surgery by its very nature is a high-risk proposition. Because ReSurge medical volunteers and Surgical Outreach Program doctors perform reconstructive surgical procedures in the developing world under a variety of geographical, environmental, physical and professional circumstances, there can be a high risk of complications.

ReSurge strives to provide its patients with life-transforming, high-quality medical care through the efforts and talents of its medical volunteers and outreach center staff. In the last decade, a concerted effort has been made to systematically improve safety and quality of care, despite the inherent challenges.

This quality improvement (QI) program is overseen by ReSurge’s consulting medical officer (a plastic surgeon), its anesthesia director and its quality improvement committee, comprised of medical experts from around the country.

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