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Sarita: From Hands to Hope

Sarita lives in Nepal in the southern shadows of Mt. Everest. At the age of two, she was severely burned when she fell into a fire pit. As a result, she developed burn contractures on her hand and at her elbow, restricting her ability to straighten her arm or move her fingers.

A few years ago, Dr. Kiran Nakarmi, Nepal's only hand surgeon and director of ReSurge's Surgical Outreach Center, first released her elbow contracture so that her arm could straighten. He then moved on to work on releasing and setting straight the joints in her fingers.

Nakarmi and his team perform more than 700 hand burn surgeries a year, giving Sarita and other restored function and a brighter future.

Now 14 years old, Sarita will need five more skin grafts to gain full functionality of her hand, but her outlook remains positive, as she knows she is in the hands of an expert surgeon.

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