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Healing Sheeza

Sixteen-year-old Sheeza lives in a small village tucked away in the Himalaya Mountains in India. Like most poor families in the region, her family uses open fires to cook, heat and light their home.

When Sheeza was four years old, a kerosene lamp tipped over as she walked by and engulfed her in flames. As a result of her severe burn injuries, Sheeza developed skin contractures, which prevented her from moving her neck and arms.

Sheeza is one of 11 children in her family. Her father is a day laborer in a nearby construction site and her mother cares for her children in the home. Sheeza's accident was devastating for her already struggling family. Having no money for their daughter's medical care, Sheeza's parents had little hope for their daughter's recovery.

Fortunately, Sheeza found free surgical care at ReSurge's local Surgical Outreach Program in Dehradun. There, with the help of ReSurge's surgical outreach director, Dr. Yogi Aeron, Sheeza has undergone four operations, which returned her ability to move her arms and neck.

Sheeza diligently attends school despite her disability; she hopes to become a teacher one day. Reconstructive surgery is healing Sheeza's mobility, function and restoring her hope.

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Severe burns remain a neglected health crisis in developing countries, particularly among poor women and children. Learn more about the staggering scope and solutions.