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Tonmoy, a boy from Bangladesh, was living the life of a normal little boy: climbing trees and running around. One day, while running through the house, he bumped into the stove and knocked over a pot full of boiling water that severely burned his skin.
ReThink Burns: A Neglected but Solvable Global Health Crisis

We need your help to ReThink Burns and spread the word about burns in the developing world.

It was not that long ago when home and tenement fires were tragically commonplace in the U.S. Now, only 5 percent of all burns worldwide happen in developed countries. The rest (95 percent) happen in developing countries where prevention is almost nonexistent and medical care for burns is extremely limited. The result is millions of needless deaths and disabilities, even for relatively minor burns.

But solutions exist. Burns can easily be prevented and treated through simple surgery that corrects disabling injuries and saves countless lives.

We created the ReThink Burns campaign to raise awareness about this silent emergency so together we can help countless women, men and children from suffering unnecessarily.

Learn: A Silent Emergency Affecting 11 Million Annually

Severe burns remain a hidden health crisis in developing countries, particularly for poor women and children, who are already the world's most disadvantaged and vulnerable population. Learn about the staggering scope of burns and the possible solutions. Learn More.

Share: Download Our Infographics

We need your help to spread the word about the global crisis of burns! As a tool to raise awareness, we have created a suite of informative infographics on burn injuries and disabilities. Please download and share these infographics with your friends and family on social media today.

Join: ReThink Burns, the College Edition

This program is tailored for college students all over the world, but anyone can join us. If you're interested in organizing to raise awareness about the global burns crisis, consider serving as our ambassador. Click here for more information.

Pledge: Take the Pledge

Take our ReThink Burns pledge and challenge others to ReThink Burns with us today.

Understand: Read Stories of Burn Survivors

The courage and tenacity of our burn patients inspire us daily. Read about some of the thousands of survivors we treat here.

Review: See Our Results So Far

The ReThink Burns campaign launched in February 2013. See what we've done so far, and think how - with your help - we can inspire thousands more!

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We are engaging students on college campuses all over the world in spreading awareness about the neglected global health crisis of burns.