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Tonmoy, a boy from Bangladesh, was living the life of a normal little boy: climbing trees and running around. One day, while running through the house, he bumped into the stove and knocked over a pot full of boiling water that severely burned his skin.
ReThink Burns: College Edition

Join the movement to engage students on college campuses all over the world in spreading awareness about the neglected global health crisis of burns and the life-changing work that ReSurge is doing to address it. Through your involvement with these campaigns, you will help advance our work on severe burns and raise awareness of the life-changing surgeries our doctors perform.

ReThink Your Campus

The ReThink Your Campus campaign, featuring the Campus Ambassador program, is the foundation of ReThink Burns: College Edition. The goal of the Campus Ambassador program is to educate college students about the solvable global health crisis of burns. By holding events, connecting with students and faculty on campus who are passionate about helping others and spreading the word about this silent emergency, you can help transform the lives of thousands.

Find everything you'll need to get started, including fact sheets, press releases, event tips and more in our Campus Ambassador toolkit. Sign up below to download the toolkit.

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ReThink Your Social - "11/11: 1 Week, 1 Picture, 1 Dollar, 1 Life"

In November 2013, one donor offered to give ReSurge International $1 for every photo with the ReThink Burns sign uploaded to Facebook or Twitter.

The social media funding campaign began November 11, 2013, and ran through the end of the month, but don't worry! You can still upload your ReThink Burns photos to help spread awareness of the neglected global health crisis of burns.

Simply have people take a photo holding our ReThink Burns sign and upload it to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ReThink Burns. Please also send the photo to us by sending us a message on our Facebook page or emailing it to cessie@resurge.org.

To see a selection of our favorite ReThink Burns photos, see our photo slideshow.

ReThink Your Summer Video Contest

Using footage and other materials provided by ReSurge International, college students will create a short video about the organization's history, mission and work to compete for the chance to travel with ReSurge during the summer and document the trip.

Stay tuned! The materials for the video contest will be uploaded soon. Find more information on our Crowdtogether page.

Take our ReThink Burns pledge and join the growing movement advocating for those whose voices are not heard. > more
Learn more about the staggering impact of severe burns around the world, along with possible solutions. > more
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Severe burns remain a neglected health crisis in developing countries, particularly among poor women and children. Learn more about the staggering scope and solutions.