The Problem








Approximately 30% of the global burden of disease is from surgical conditions.


 18 million people die annually due to surgically treatable conditions

and millions more suffer with preventable disabilities.


ReSurge estimates there is a shortfall of more than 5 million reconstructive plastic surgical procedures annually. 


The incidence of injuries such as burns and traffic accidents is much higher than in rich countries.

There is a shortage of reconstructive plastic surgeons. For example, the US has 1.98 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 people; Zimbabwe has 0.03.

Reconstructive plastic surgery treats injuries, malignancies and congenital conditions. 


These three conditions represent 2/3 of all the premature deaths and disabilities caused by a lack of surgical care. Resurge is one of the few organizations that provide full scope reconstructive care.




20-50 million people are injured in traffic accidents annually, and nearly 11 million are burned.

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Congenital Conditions

A child born with a cleft in a developing country will lose nearly 8x the years to premature disability or death as one in a rich country.

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More than 2/3 of cancer cases and deaths now occur in developing countries

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